In near future, Samir karnik intends to start a production company which will be formed as a sister concern to Top Angle Productions. The company will be setup in the United States of America. The company aims to build content for – television and feature films for the international market. 

The first venture of this company will be a mainstream commercial American film. This film will be produced and directed by Samir. Numerous meetings have happened with top Hollywood technicians and actors for the project. 

Followed by the above project, The company is planning for it’s next Hollywood production again to be produced and directed by Samir. 

Besides the two feature films, The company is ready with the concept and script of a gripping television drama series for the American television network. 

Being an independent production company, He intends to collaborate with other production houses and studios in the United States and other parts of the world. 

With the digital platform becoming a playground for new and innovative content, He believes that in order to stay in the show business it’s important to open the horizon and expand the vision to cater to the international markets.